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This site is published in mode an amateurish, run in your spare time without any particular skill on the part of the author, the main purpose of the site is to provide, no-profit, discrimination as to nationality political or religious, information about chess in general, and in particular concerning the activities of the Chess Club Forlivese (sports amateur association) and his associates.

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A lot of the material contained on it was found on the web, in books, magazines and through research carried out by the operator of the portal on the web (it shows the sources and authors) or from the archives of the vintages of the same club.

All the material can be used for educational / informational citing the source and web page's authors

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The web pages, edited by my self, come from sites Codecanyon.net (licensed) / commentics.org  / Fast Secure Contact Form / Paolo Casaschi for the chess games board / and some others that provides CSS /Script and template page for free..

.. all licensed Creative Commons License Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

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